I need some feedback please!! 

Hey there friendly folks!! I hope everyone had a great Super Bowl Sunday!! I’m sorry I wasn’t on here for four days, it was a very busy weekend. 

I was thinking about doing an information video and would love some feedback!! 

Would you be more interested in watching!?

  • Shopping on a budget video 
  • Healthy snacks 
  • My favorite smoothies 
  • How to overcome emotional eating 
  • Or a meditation guide 

Thank you everyone!! Have the most positive Monday!! 


#nutrition #postaday #postaweek #health #video #food #positive #love 

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Hey guys! Welcome to this crazy Gemini’s world of wellness, healing, yoga, strength training, and all things Blogging! I find the greatest things in life are creating your own family, friends, having passion, and doing what you love! Enjoy babes xo

10 thoughts on “I need some feedback please!! 

      1. That would be awesome! I haven’t tried making those yet. You should think about creating a YouTube channel for your videos and get subscribers to your YouTube channel! I’d subscribe…I have a feeling you will have some pretty cool videos to share…just a suggestion:)

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