My interview with badass blogger Brooke Clarke 

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing a brave, positive, and vibrant soul the past two days. Her name is Brooke Clarke. She’s a blogger with a passion for beauty and helping others with their chronic illness journey. Even though she has a day by day battle with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, better known as Chronic fatigue syndrome, she documents her hospital visits with her amazing 550 followers. Guys this girl is a force to be reckoned with!! 
Now let’s jump into this interview!! 

  • Salts or sweets?
      This ones tricky! On the whole, I would say that I prefer savoury things, but I currently can’t get enough of chocolate! I think I would say salts overall though.
  • Do you prefer to workout outside or at a gym?                          Neither! I wish I did workout, but I think I’d prefer to workout in a gym, opposed to outside!
  • Talk to friends via texting or phone calls?

I get super panicked if I get a phone call from someone, and I don’t know that they’re going to ring! Book an appointment first people! Although, I am the worst person at replying ever. Does FaceTime count?

  • Do you prefer cats, dog, or both?

Dogs hands down.

  • Tea or coffee?

These questions are so difficult!! I think I drink more tea, but I prefer coffee.

Do you want children?

I still don’t know if I’m able to have kids yet, but I think I would in the future!

  • Do you have any siblings?

I have one older brother called Kieran.

  • What is your favorite book?

I actually was asking myself this the other day! I really loved Milk & Honey and Pillow Thoughts (Typical white girl answer, I know), but I also recently fell in love with ‘The Couple Next Door’. If you haven’t read it, you definitely should!

  • Where do you see yourself in one year?

Hopefully 21! I don’t really make that many plans for my future, and just try and take one day at a time, but I hope I’m healthy, and happy with whatever I’m doing. Also, maybe loved up with some fit millionaire, but I’ll keep my options open.

  • What is your dream job? 

Cliché I know, but doing exactly this! I love blogging so much, and I couldnt think of anything better to do! I also would love to go into the police force, but considering I’m one sick bird who’s 5ft 4 tall, I don’t think that dream would end up going far!

  • What does a good day look like? 

A good day for me would be possibly taking painkillers one, or not at all, then going to work and being able to manage a full shift, and then having a drink with everyone after! I literally can forget that I have chronic illnesses on my good days!

  • What does a bad day look like? 

 A bad day would consist of me having to take 10 different tablets a day, and painkillers every 4 hours. I wouldn’t be able to have the curtains open, get dressed, and sometimes can’t even get out of bed to brush my teeth. I’m currently housebound pretty much, but 4 months ago, I couldn’t tell you when my last bad day was!

  • Being faced with such a controlling illiness, what are you most proud of? 

I think I’m most proud of sitting my exams, and being able to work full time. When I was in School, we had to literally fight them to let me sit my GCSEs, and I even managed to get into sixth form. From having to be only home tutored for an hour every weekday, to doing 45 hours+ at work a week still amazes me!

  • What would you tell a younger individual going through the same illness as you?

 Stick two fingers up at certain people who don’t care or believe you. Do what you want to do, and most importantly, you’ll have one heck of a rollercoaster, but don’t ever stop fighting. The day you stop fighting, is the day the illnesses win, and you’re definitely stronger than they are, even if you don’t feel like it.

Please go follow this vibrant soul !! 

Brooke Clarke 

So much love 

The Blonde Healer 

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Hey guys! Welcome to this crazy Gemini’s world of wellness, healing, yoga, strength training, and all things Blogging! I find the greatest things in life are creating your own family, friends, having passion, and doing what you love! Enjoy babes xo

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