Feeling off balanced!? Try this!!

Have you ever had a week were you just can’t stand anything!? Where you feel off balanced and bored!? Well I’ll let you in on a little secret……EVERYONE has those days!! Here are my little hacks to living a more balanced and fun week!!

Take a little YOU time in the morning: 

       I like to say my graditude for my coffee. Starting off your day with gratitude will help with a more positive day! 

Self Care: 

      This my vibrant souls is SO important! Caring for your self through face masks, baths, or even a yoga class will help you be more positive for yourself. So during a busy and stressful week don’t for get….. that YOU need time to destress. 

Get that workout in: 

    I don’t care if it’s only 1-2 times a week. You need to WORKOUT!! It will raise your mood and endorphins. Making it a more balanced week with fun workouts to look forward too! 

Nourish your body: 

    It’s easy for people to get caught up in binge eating and unhealthy meals when feeling so off balanced and lazy. Push yourself to make at least 3 nourishing meals a week! Believe me, you’ll feel much better with good nutrient dense foods in your belly! 

Hang out with your pet: 

     Your pet could turn that frown up side down!! Don’t forget that! 

Stretch and meditation: 

    These two combination can turn your whole day around within 10-20 minutes!! 

Dont forget to smile!! 


-The Blonde Healer 

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Hey guys! Welcome to this crazy Gemini’s world of wellness, healing, yoga, strength training, and all things Blogging! I find the greatest things in life are creating your own family, friends, having passion, and doing what you love! Enjoy babes xo

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