It’s okay to feel 

I think one of the hardest things I am going through right now is finding out how to understand my mood swings. When suffering from anxiety and depression you tend to go through:
-extreme moments of sadness 

-extreme fatigue 

-extreme hunger or weight loss 

-extreme mood swings 

-and unfortunately many more of these miserable feelings
            I can go through months of happiness and healing and then for a couple of weeks have these moments of complete overall sadness where in these cases: 
-I always feel like my thoughts are weird 

-I get extreme low self-esteem 

-I don’t want to get out of bed 

-I just always want to cry 

-I don’t feel inspired 

-I feel very bored 

-I feel unloved 
            I just want to tell everyone what I learned. That it’s okay to feel like this. Depression and anxiety can make you your own worse enemy. When feeling like this it is so important to FEEL these feelings out so you can feel and let go. 
      You can’t get better once you have felt everything. Please remember if there is anyone feeling like this, therapy or talking to a friend really helps!! There is always help available and you’re never alone. 

-The Blonde Healer 

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Hey guys! Welcome to this crazy Gemini’s world of wellness, healing, yoga, strength training, and all things Blogging! I find the greatest things in life are creating your own family, friends, having passion, and doing what you love! Enjoy babes xo

17 thoughts on “It’s okay to feel 

  1. Same. Changed doctor reasonably recently. Getting back on track. Takes time sometimes. Have had to accept it as it is. Karma… life’s work. My perspective has had to change
    Best wishes

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  2. The importance of feeling your feelings is something I’m still learning. My mental health team keeps telling me to do it though, so it must be important! It’s just hard for me to strike a balance between accepting my emotions and not letting them overwhelm me.

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  3. Same feeling occurs sometimes with me… Some days are so low like there all paths are blocked… 😡 but when I start reiki healing on myself… everything gets solved by its own within some days……
    You have to cleanse your soul after a period of time so that you feel happiness on its peak.

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  4. Thank you for posting this. A lot of people who have never had anxiety or depression think it’s just a feeling people get once in a while. They don’t know the effects it has on people and the effects could be long lasting. I’ve had anxiety and depression for as long as I could remember and a lot of people didn’t understand it. I hope everything is going well for you 💙

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  5. Wonderfully refreshing and honest read. Thank you for sharing! It’s so nice to have another ‘voice’ talking about things that are often difficult to express. You’re doing something important by lending your insights and personal experience. I am quite certain that there will be many people who both ‘will’ and ‘want to’ relate to your work (myself included). Looking forward to reading much more!

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  6. Thanks for putting this into words. I go through these same cycles of feelings so it’s always nice to hear that I’m not alone. My blog’s tagline is “slow down and find your happy” because focusing on writing about positive things helps me see the good in the world and pull myself out of those “lows” faster. 🙂

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  7. It’s definitely OK to feel it all. We are strong because we know my weaknesses. We are alive because we are fighters . We are wise because we’ve been foolish at some point. We laugh because we’ve known sadness.
    Great post and thanks for sharing. Happy Holidays..


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